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one wild pony watercolor painting by caroline linscott

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Watercolor, Life, and What Not
Tears of Passion Original Watercolor by Caroline Linscott Life sometimes bears an uncanny resemblance to watercolor in that you are not always in control. Sure there are certain steps and precautions you can take in both life and watercolor to encourage a certain outcome, but nothing is ever certain.

In watercolor, wherever you lay the water down on the watercolor paper is where the watercolor is going to run.  It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and fine tuning of technique to cultivate your watercolor the way you want it. And even still there may be some mishaps along the way to your watercolor masterpiece, much to the chagrin of your anticipated outcome. And it is this uncertainty that ad such wonder and romance to watercolor, and life for that matter. It is often the unplanned surprises that make life worth living.  And as often as you may try to control things, even in your watercolors, sometimes it’s better to let go a little and watch the magic that unfold. 
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Vibrations

One of my newest watercolor editions is the “Red Vibrations” series. Currently there are 4 watercolors in this series of Red flowers and a Lady Bug J. I thought this would be a fun series and a fun study of  the complementary colors red and green, a bit of a challenge to incorporate the complementary colors of red and green without creating a “Christmas feel”. But I think it turned out nicely.

 Lady Bug - Red Vibrations original watercolor by Caroline Linscott

I wanted to create a happy high energy feeling that I think was well achieved by using the complementary colors red and green. In addition to the feelings associated with the colors, using the colors correctly allows for the subject of the painting to stand out and make more of a statement.

I had these painting reproduced on an 8 x 8 canvas to create a more different feel from my usual paintings. I think these are fun, and would accentuate any décor nicely.

Red Vibrations Series orignial watercolor by Caroline Linscott

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watercolor, and The Study of Light

The biggest challenge I find when it comes to creating my watercolor paintings is capturing the light. Light being the essence of any painting can have a major impact on the emotions one feels when enjoying a piece of art. Light I find is one of the most useful tools I have when conveying a dramatic impression with my watercolors.
The best possible way of adding light to your watercolor is not by adding white watercolor paint, or darkening areas with black watercolor paint. But actually leaving the paper white and building layers of darkness with different watercolor washes of saturated and transparent color.
Leaving the paper white, is one of the biggest challenges as watercolor is a difficult medium to control. Wherever the water is the color will go, it is very important to be patient and take your time. Of course there are various techniques that can be used such as using a thirsty brush to absorb the color and water where you don't want it. This is applied by completely drying out your watercolor brush and going over the area, the dry brush absorbs the color and water and more often than not you will be left with white paper, unless you are using a really dark color such as indigo.
Another option is to purchase a masking fluid otherwise known as misket. This is a light weight rubbery material you can lay on the area you want to leave white. It is important to apply a layer of soap to your watercolor brush before you apply the misket, as it will ruin your brush. Once dry, you can apply your watercolor to the paper, when the watercolor drys, you can rub the misket off and behold, white paper.

Mayday Light watercolor by Caroline Linscott

Light has a funny way of changing emotion. Areas with higher lighting may create feelings of high energy while darker areas may leave us feeling more mellow. There are other factors of course that play into emotion, such as color schemes but we shall delve into that topic in another blog. Happy painting. :)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild Pony Star Wants to Fly
Well after several weeks of conceiving and a few thumbnail's of  the idea I have completed the final  drawing. This really is exciting to finally be able to add color and texture to a flat piece of white watercolor paper and have this wild pony take on a personality all her own and if you will me please give me a little imagination "Wild Pony Star" may just FLY!!!
Now in your minds eye please see this pony looking back on her rump where  there sits a small  yellow bird. Remember that Star is her name and she really belongs soaring in the beautiful limitless sky. If only she had wings maybe just maybe she could fly, however she only has three painted feathers tied to her tail. She has always had stars surrounding her and envisions many paths she could take.
We all have things that hold us back from  reaching and obtaining our goals. The mind can let you break free or it can  bound you down with what we may perceive as real.
So it is that Miss Wild Pony is of many colors. You Know the colors she likes the ones that make her feel Strong and help make all things possible.
If not now, when?
The process of creating the wild series has opened my mind and imagination . It really has set a small part of me free. While I am still looking for an artistic balance of color and design the journey has allowed an unspeakable freedom of expression.
The thing  with a painting is to let the viewer unlock his mind and allow a brief moment in a hectic life, to pursue  a place where he can go to soar or even just to dream his own little  dream. For we really do have the God given  power to use our mind to alter reality. 
The trick is to keep looking and choose wisely the place we allow our minds to go. Now you will just have to wait to see "Wild Pony Star Wants to  Fly"  

Wild Pony Star Wants to Fly Original Watercolor by Caroline Linscott
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