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Painting with Passion

Watercolor is my choice of medium, and up-close flowers are my favorite subject. Watercolor lends itself to the subtle and delicate beauty of flower petals. I love to put them against a dark, rich background. It creates drama and pops the blossoms. I always look for a way to catch the light - that magical time just before sunset, or back-lighting that is best in the early morning light. I use transparent layers of color to slowly build up the values, sometimes painting wet-into-wet, and sometimes wet-into-dry. Playing with warm and cool colors allows for visual excitement, but the most exciting part is leaving the white!

 Artist Caroline Linscott has been painting in watercolor for over twenty years. With her attention to detail, precision, and knack for capturing the light in the most dramatic sense, Caroline carefully crafts one of a kind watercolors that truly capture the heart and soul of viewer. Caroline's ability to capture the most minut detail and passion from her subjects, and transend it onto watercolor paper, is unparamount. Such detail often goes unnoticed to the naked eye, but Caroline manages to capture a moment of pure perfection in her watercolors, allowing all to see the world as she sees it.

Caroline has worked with different mediums and has studied various subject matters, but her watercolor florals are her passion.  Her vibrant watercolors have been exhibited at the following respected and well renowned shows as: The Laguna Festival of the Arts, Art a Fair, Women Artists of the West International Show, Watercolor USA Springfield Missouri Museum of Art, Strathearn Foundation Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum Invitational, and the Phippen Museum 36th annual show. Caroline has been the proprietor of several successful galleries and the author of "Art of The American West" and "Starting Out in Watercolor". She has been a member of such Art Associations and professionl affliations as: Women Artists of the West (where she served on the board as president) and The San Diego Museum Guild.

Caroline enjoys teaching watercolor classes to watercolor students of all levels and ages. She frequently hosts watercolor workshops where she demonstrats her vast knowledge of watercolor and watercolor techniques.

Caroline continues to craft her trade and improve her technique. An artists work is never done, and she continually sees new and innovative ways to communicate on watercolor.

watercolor artist caroline linscott at work
The artist at work.

(928) 308-8622

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